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Welcome, this is where you can buy the PDF version of my new book, Learn Scala 3 The Fast Way! (Book 1: The Adventure Begins).

Before we jump into the rest of the details, there are two important points to be very clear about:

  1. This book is for people who are new to Scala 3, and new to Scala in general.
  2. Because this is a digital/electronic product, there are no refunds on purchases.

In regard to that second point, to help you know what you’re buying, I share a link to a free preview of the PDF at the bottom of this page. That way you can know if this book is for you before you buy it here.

Beach Sale!

The price of this book has been lowered to $8 (USD) to help raise a little money so I can take a friend I have been doing caregiving work for to the beach!

Just $10 $8

Yes, this book is just $10 $8 (USD). While I could easily charge $20-50 like other Scala books do, my personal goal is to make learning Scala and functional programming as affordable as possible to as many people as possible.

Update: This book now comes with FREE companion video courses, starting at this URL:

About me

My name is Alvin Alexander. I’m self-publishing this book, and I’ve previously written these other books:

My website — alvinalexander.com — also contains hundreds of blog posts about Scala (and other topics), and receives millions of page views every year.

Why this book might be for you

This book might be for you if:

  • You are new to Scala and want to learn Scala 3 as fast as possible (outside of a classroom setting)
  • You want to remember what you learn

I specifically wrote this book so that I can include source code examples and online exercises to help you learn Scala 3 fast, and also to remember what you learn. My goal is to make this “a classroom in a book.”

It will also greatly help you if you have previous experience programming in another language like C, C++, Java, Python, etc. In writing the book I assume that you have seen another programming language. (I also mention this in the book and in the free preview.)

A classroom in a book!

Because I make a free preview available below I won’t get into the details of the contents here, other than to say that I present the topics in the order I would present them to you if we were in a classroom.

I first show how to print things with Scala, and then we get into numbers and strings, and we keep building from there. You’ll learn about:

  • Numbers and strings
  • The Scala REPL
  • Variables
  • Control structures (like if/then/else)
  • Collections classes like List, Map, ArrayBuffer
  • Common collections methods like map and filter
  • Tuples and ranges
  • Functions and methods
  • Domain modeling, including traits, classes, objects, and enums
  • match expressions
  • More!

After this, the book includes several free example applications and scripts.

What you get when you buy this book

When you buy this book you’ll get the currently-available PDF, which is about 270 pages long. As mentioned, this is an alpha/beta release, so you’ll also be notified when the next release is available, and you’ll be able to download it for free when it’s ready.

Kindle and Print versions?

If you’re interested in Kindle and/or Paperback versions of the book, you can find that information here:

Free preview!

As I mentioned above, there are no refunds on digital products like this, but you can obtain a large, free preview of the book at this URL:

At the time of this initial release, that free preview is about 80 pages long.

All the best,

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You’ll get the full PDF and all updates.

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Learn Scala 3 The Fast Way! (PDF)

10 ratings
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